Steve Tarr

Steve Tarr provides board and executive leadership services in areas critical to the growth of client organizations. Dr. Tarr has significant experience in executive leadership focused on achieving business objectives.  In each case, he has provided clear value for clients in through:

· Value creation through strategic planning and deployment for information technology organizations; projects get completed

· C-level consulting with technology firms to strategize regarding a firm’s current and potential customers

· Operational assessment of information technology organizations and their value to the firm

· Creation of 100 day plans for improvement of technology functions including poor to good as well as good to great

· Execution and delivery of results as prioritized with senior executives

· Behind-the-scenes executive support for non-technology executives desiring an impartial assessment of their firm’s information technology

· Balanced Scorecard performance systems at the enterprise, departmental, and individual levels of integration

· Executive personal leadership development


“Steve restored my faith in IT executive leadership by delivering results.”

- major corporation CEO

“I will always be indebted and grateful to Steve for his contribution to our organization this past year.”

- CEO of an innovative customer focused company.

“Hiring Steve was one of the best decisions that I have made. ”

- CEO of a large public government unit